Locksmith Wageningen

Locksmith Wageningen

The lock specialist from Wageningen and the surrounding area.

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The advantages of locksmith Wageningen

  • Reliable express service
  • Our engineers think along with you
  • Available by phone 24/7
  • SKG locks and PKVW recognized
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Active in the region for many years
  • New locks available immediately
  • Pay safely and quickly with the pin

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Locksmith Wageningen

Voted most reliable locksmith in Wageningen e.o.

Locksmith Wageningen is pleased to inform our customers that we have been awarded the title of "Most Reliable Locksmith"! We have been a recognized company for over 10 years, employing only qualified technicians who provide excellent service. We strive for the highest customer satisfaction by offering our quality, safe and low cost options for repairing or replacing hinges and locks. We are determined to maintain our reputation as the most reliable lock specialist in Wageningen and the surrounding area. You can always rely on us for the best service with the lowest price!


Locked out in Wageningen

If you are locked out in Wageningen, Locksmith Wageningen is available 24/7 to assist you as quickly as possible. Our professional technicians have the experience and expertise to handle any situation. Within a short time they are ready with all the necessary materials to open the door for you again. We also offer a wide range of other services, including installing new locks, repairing or replacing existing locks, making extra keys and so on.

  • Available 24/7
  • Express service
  • We come directly to you
  • Your lock opened damage-free
  • If necessary, a new lock immediately
Locked out in Wageningen

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

We offer a professional lock and security service with which we can perfectly take care of the hinges and locks of homes and business premises. You can contact us for, among other things;

– Opening locks
– Replacing locks
– Advice on and installation of burglary protection

At Slotenmaker Wageningen we offer an extensive service in the field of hinges and locks, including professional installation and maintenance. We are specialists when it comes to keys, locks and security solutions against burglary. Our rates are clear and accessible, which means that everyone can enjoy our quality services. Moreover, we are also available outside office hours, 24/7.

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

Replacing locks

At Slotenmaker Wageningen we specialize in replacing locks. Our experienced professionals can effectively replace your old locks with reliable, new locks that maximize your home or business against burglary and other threats.

Opening locks

With more than 10 years of experience, we guarantee a professional service that delivers excellent quality. Our team has a lot of experience in opening locks when locked out, where we achieve the best results.

Burglary Protection

At Slotenmaker Wageningen we offer top quality burglary protection to protect your home or building against uninvited visitors. Our qualified technicians have years of experience and are always ready to secure your building as well as possible.

Install multi-point lock

Our multi-point lock is one of the most effective ways to protect your property against burglary. The high-quality locks are made with technical performance and aesthetics in mind, making them a perfect match for any style.


At Slotenmaker Wageningen we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our emergency service offers immediate assistance for urgent situations such as lockout or burglary damage. You can always call our telephone number and we will do everything we can to serve you as quickly as possible.

Core pull protection

Our locks form an extra layer of security by means of core pulling protection. The core pull system prevents the cylinder from being broken open with pliers, screwdriver or other tools.

The mechanics of locksmith Wageningen

Our team consists of well-trained technicians who have a good solution for every lock problem. They are always quick to provide assistance.

Locksmith Wageningen accessible to everyone

Locksmith Wageningen offers high-quality lock service, which is affordable for everyone. Whether it concerns a broken key, a new lock or an emergency service, you can rely on Locksmith Wageningen to be reliable and durable. We offer clear rates and ensure that the price-quality ratio is always in your favor.

Locksmith Wageningen accessible to everyone

Keep unwanted intruders out? Turn to Locksmith Wageningen

Through a thorough risk analysis, we identify the most likely weaknesses in your security system, so that we can take decisive measures to reduce the risk of break-ins. We strive to provide the best service when it comes to burglary prevention and would therefore like to help you optimize the safety of your home or business premises.

Keep unwanted intruders out? Turn to Locksmith Wageningen

Compensation for damages

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

Unfortunately, there are situations in which you have no influence, such as burglary damage or stolen keys. Fortunately, your home insurance sometimes offers the possibility to compensate damage and that is why you have come to the right place at Slotenmaker Wageningen! We help you recover the damage by using our quality services.

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

Losing your keys is a frustrating and potentially costly situation. Unfortunately, it often happens that people lose their keys. Fortunately, Slotenmaker Wageningen offers the perfect solution for replacing your locks or repairing existing locks. However, if you have unfortunately become a victim of lost keys, there is no right to compensation from your insurance. This is because this is considered a situation for which you are at fault.

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

FAQs to Locksmith Wageningen

Feel free to contact Slotenmaker Wageningen if you need information about hinges and locks or if you experience problems installing them. We are happy to help you with everything related to safety and security.

  • Experienced fitters
  • Lightning-fast emergency service
  • Also outside office hours
  • Installers with a lot of experience
  • Expert installation
FAQs to Locksmith Wageningen

Do I need new locks after a move?

After a move, it is advisable to replace your locks. You never know who the previous owner of your property has given spare keys to, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. In addition, older locks can no longer always function properly and do not always offer the best protection against unwanted intruders.

Our locksmiths from Slotenmaker Wageningen are experts and can handle all types of locks. From cylinder locks to gate locks, there is no lock that the experienced craftsmen cannot handle. With their years of expertise and knowledge, you can count on your lock being securely closed.

Locksmith Wageningen can copy your certified keys. When you provide us with the key certification, we simply make a copy of it for you. It is also possible to contact us by e-mail to send the certificates.

You are locked out, or your lock is damaged. Wondering how long it will take for someone to help you? At Slotenmaker Wageningen we are ready to solve these emergencies as quickly as possible. We understand that an emergency situation is immediate and that is why we guarantee a quick response. Our experienced locksmiths are usually at the door within 20 minutes.

At Slotenmaker Wageningen, our professionals are experienced experts in opening locks without causing damage. We offer the best service and can help you with any kind of lock you have, whether it’s a standard keyhole or a high-quality mechanical cylinder lock. Our team guarantees fast and efficient service, with which we can ensure that your lock is opened safely and damage-free.


Fantastic work delivered within half an hour after my phone call and the job completed neatly and professionally very satisfied definitely recommended.



Arrived quickly after being called, and did a great job, and didn't mind being sniffed by our dog. High grades.



Very impressed with the way the locksmith handled the problem. Came within 20 minutes and identified and resolved the issue. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend and use him in the future


Where can you find our locksmiths?

If you are looking for an expert in the field of locks and keys in Wageningen, Locksmith Wageningen is the right place for you. Our professional locksmiths are ready to help you with all your questions. But not only in Wageningen, but also throughout the Netherlands!

085 - 760 25 17

Common lock problem in Wageningen

Locksmith Wageningen has years of experience in repairing locks after a burglary. In some cases, serious damage may have been done, causing your locks to stop functioning as they were supposed to. If you experience this terrible scenario, Locksmith Wageningen is always ready to help.


Locksmith Wageningen is ready to help you if your key has broken off in the lock. Our professional locksmiths have years of experience in solving such a common problem. We provide a fast, reliable service that allows us to resolve the situation as carefully as possible.


If your lock is blocked due to cold, Slotenmaker Wageningen has the solution. Use a heat source such as a hair dryer or warm water to smell the ice, then clean the lock with a cloth. Wipe off excess water to prevent condensation from accumulating in the lock cylinder. Heating the lock will also contribute to its better functioning.


Need a locksmith in the Voorthuizen region?

Need a locksmith in the Voorthuizen region?

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